Comprehensive Plan Areas of Interest

These are the areas of focus that our staff will be addressing in the updated comprehensive plan

This chapter builds upon the principles of community development goals and objectives to offer some more specific means to achieve the vision established for growth, revitalization, and preservation of Indiana Boroughs existing character.

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) requires a plan for housing “to meet the housing needs of present residents and of those individuals and families anticipated to reside in the municipality.”

Being completely developed Indiana Borough has little natural lands remaining. A main focus for the Borough will be preserving green spaces as well as historic structures within the Borough.

The Borough has a number of significant areas of traffic congestion, and a network of one-way streets that developed slowly over time which will be addressed in this section. Pedestrian and bicycle transportation improvements also remain important.

The Borough has historically developed by providing a range of community facilities and services that add value to private property. Over time, many of these facilities have been intertwined with White Township. The Borough is proactively working to bring improvements and additional facilities into the community.

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code requires a plan for interrelationships that acknowledges some effort to ensure consistency with neighboring municipalities. Indiana Borough and neighboring White Township went beyond this minimal requirement and agreed to explore joint planning activities.